Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day of Love

Valentine's Day. Some think of it as the day of love, the day to celebrate those that have stolen your heart. Some think of it as a holiday coined by Hallmark and Russell Stover. Another way to get you to spend a little on cards, candy, and flowers. However you view it, we can all remember Valentine's Day as a child. Parties in grade school with candy hearts that say be mine. I remember getting ready for Valentine's Day, carefully filling out each Valentine and making sure the right person got the right card. Fretting over what to give that one special boy, should it say you knock me off my feet or just be mine. Then there was the Valentine box, gluing and coloring and glittering until it was perfect. Well, this year was no different in my house with my kids. They both filled out their Valentine's carefully filling out each name. This year in gigi's class they had a Valentine box decorating contest. She desperately wanted to win the coveted trophy. She surfed the internet for ideas and carefully chose what she thought would be the winning box. She planned out the design, gathered her supplies, and began to create. This is what she created.....

yep, you got it a toilet. Nothing says I love you like the porcelain goddess. I was proud of her creation and how brave she was for being willing to take this into school. Needless to say, she won first place and came home with the trophy for most creative box.

Way to go girl!

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