Monday, September 28, 2009

It might just be time...

Today it feels like fall is coming. I think we have squeaked out every last bit of summer around here. I mean it is almost Oct. 1st and we are still pushing 90 degrees outside. I think that is all about to change this week and I can feel it in the air. Fall is going to make her way into town. So it might just be time to......

can the last of the tomatoes
trim the raspberries
plant some bulbs
till the garden
winterize the pool
put up the patio furniture
clean the deck
OH and best of all get my craft table!

So as fall makes her way into town we find ourselves curled up inside just a little more. Football blaring on the TV and it might just be time for me to cut into some fabulous fabric and start making some Christmas gifts or that Mermaid costume that my daughter wants for Halloween. What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon!


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