Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 2

Today was interesting. It started off like any ordinary day but ended with chaos. My sweet girl was knocked in the face today at gymnastics. When they called to tell me she hit her lip I thought no big deal. Plunk an ice pack on it and I am on my way. When I got there and she showed me her mouth..well that was another story. She lost her two front teeth a few months ago and the big teeth had not came through. Now they are. Um, I don't think that is good. Any way, we headed to the ER. All is well as far as I know. She has to see the dentist tomorrow to make sure there is no damage to her permanent teeth. She has one baby tooth that was knocked loose but thanks to some hydrocodone she is sleeping well. Her brother informed her that if she damaged those adult teeth she will never get front teeth. This concerned her a little but I told her they would build her new teeth just like her Uncle. She was glad to know and said he had good front teeth so that would work. Gotta love big brothers!

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Kim said...

dont you miss those baby teeth when it didnt matter so much? hope all is well!