Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer Inspiration

Well summer is in full swing in Kerbyville. You would think that I would have a million blog post done along with my long to do list. Yep, I got nothing. At this point I'm not really sure what I have done with my summer vacation but it is quickly coming to an end....blah! We've been doing the usual, swimming, boating(both kids are skiing), gardening(it's sad this year), crafting(one duct tape dress complete), and running to a million doctor appointments(the mister, gigi, and the rabbit). 4h is in full swing and I am in voluteer mom mode. For some reason I offered my photoshop skills to make posters for each kids cage/pen at fair. Yep that's only about 40+ posters. I'm also taking on decorations for the livestock barn. Woo hoo. We have a pig that's to fat and a pig that's to skinny so that requires this whole weird daily feeding thing. We have a rabbit with syphilis (yes you read that right) that's a whole breeding story gone bad. The bunny is getting better, nothing a good ol' shot of penicillin won't cure (another good blog post about crazy vets). His hair is growing back so we are thinking he will actually make it to fair. Our other bunny knocked his front teeth out (yes they grow back) and he looks funny. Needless to say I am feeling a bit like a city girl gone country and I am wondering how I got here. I have learned more about animals and thier issues than I ever wanted to know. I'm thinking one of these days soon will be a mom day. Hmmm, a day at the spa.....I'll just have to apologize to the nail tech when she is digging pig manure out from under my toes!

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