Monday, May 9, 2011

I made it through the rain

Do you remember that song? It was really Corny but the kind of tune that got stuck in your head. Well, if you read my previous post it makes total sense. Seems the last time I sat down to get the noise in my head down on paper (or virtual paper) there was a storm brewing in kerbyville. I think that might have been one of the most stressful days I have ever experienced. It started out normal and by the end of the day I realized I have control over absolutely nothing. It was an ordinary Tuesday, I took the morning off to take my girl to the doctor. Nothing major just a little wart removal (yuck). We had some extra time so we stopped for lunch before heading off to school. I walked into school and all you know what had broke loose. My principal was out of town so guess who was in charge, yep me. Fun. Well it might have been if I didn't have two little darlings staring at me. One had hit two teacher aides and the other had brought a toy gun to school. So I did what any good administrator would do, I suspended them. Okay might seem a little harsh but you had to have the whole story, it involved some lying and spitefulness. Any hoo, I was supposed to be at a meeting where I was presenting to the entire group of elementary counselors and I had to call and cancel. Then I had two groups to facilitate. I finished one group and noticed that my husband had called me 5 times. He never does that so I thought I better call back. I had a group of girls standing at my door and I told them I had to call him really quick. He answers and I notice a tone in his voice. I told him I just had a minute and he said he would just call me later, I knew something was wrong and I said did you get fired? He says yea, and I will call you later. My mind started spinning out of control. What just happened? I had no idea what to do so I just sucked it up and did my group. Later when I got home I called him to discuss details. He wasn't technically fired, he was laid off. That's the nice way that companies put it when they have no reason to let you go. So, there we were right in the middle of a storm. Now if you know me at all then you know that I might just be a little bit of a control freak and I do not like the unknown. The one thing that this whole experience has taught me is that we really have no control over anything and that you can survive on a lot less than you thought. So where are we now? Well, we are on the other side of the storm and I have learned once again that God is faithful to us. The mister started his new job today, the exact date that we received his last severance check. As a family we have learned to appreciate the little things, to spend less, to pull together in tough times, and to be very thankful for what we have. We joked about being in a budget crisis (although it was not a joke) and figured out ways to save. We also learned that although we felt "broke" we were incredible blessed. At the time if seemed like the worst possible thing that could happen to us, now I see the whole experience as a blessing. It was humbling and it forced us to slow down and look at what truly mattered. The storm has passed in kerbyville for now and we made it through the rain.

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Cmom said...

Beautiful blog. So glad the storm has passed. Isn't it amazing how God allows us these little speed bumps to keep us grounded and remind us of just what we "do" have? Again...beautiful and thank you so much for sharing!