Monday, June 21, 2010

Do You Believe....

in love at first sight? There was a time that I would have told you that you were either crazy or purely romantic at heart if you said yes. That was before I met the mister. I know you are probably thinking great here comes a sappy post and part of it might be, you see 17 years ago (on June 19th) I married him. When he came walking into my life I had just written off men and decided that being single for a while wasn't such a bad idea. I was a junior in college and had grad school on my mind. I didn't need a man, besides most of them had proven to be jerks. All my friends were getting married and I had a closet full of bad bridesmaids dresses to remind me. I might have been just a teensy bit bitter, I mean honestly when was it my turn to find love. Nope forget it I wasn't even looking. Then one Sunday I was sitting in church and he literally just came walking in. I remember seeing him and thinking I wonder who that is? Something about him told me my life was about to change not in a OMG, who is that and I have to meet him way, more of a quiet, don't fight this just say hi kind of way. So we were introduced, we chatted about school and I found out he was in the Navy and stationed in my hometown. Long story short 6 weeks later he proposed and I said yes. Yep you read it right....6 weeks. Was I nuts or what! I knew he was the one from the bottom of my heart and I truly believe that God just plunked him right there, right then for a reason. He wasn't supposed to be stationed there, he actually switched orders with someone so he could see the east coast. Crazy....and that is what everyone thought we were. I guess they were wrong because here we are 17 years later and still as happy as ever.

So what are some of the reasons that he is the love of my life......

He still makes me laugh.

He loves our children but loves me more.

He still holds my hand.

He challenges me to be a better person.

He competes with me and doesn't get mad if I win.

He makes me feel like I am the prettiest girl in the room.

He lets me speak my mind, is willing to argue, and always fights fair.

He never yells at me or says mean words.

When I am at my worst he loves me the most.

He puts our family first.

He works hard for us everyday.

He wants to spend time with us.

He leads our family and is a good father.

He likes to have fun.

He is my best friend.

Happy Anniversary! I love you!


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