Friday, August 7, 2009


(deep breath)...August, it is such a strange month for me. Part of me is ready for a schedule and some structure in my life and the other part of me longs for the lazy days of summer to last forever. Laying by the pool, taking trips to the lake, visiting friends and family, talking fireside until the wee hours of the morning.....summer, all the things I treasure in my life. A few more weeks and we will be back to early mornings, packing lunches, football practice, homework, schedules. It is funny how the school years have changed for me. It used to be me looking at the calendar and counting the days until I was done with work and could spend all day home with my babies. Now I look at that calendar as a time keeper counting down the years until they leave home. They just seem to be moving faster than I ever though possible. Summer is coming to an end and my boy is entering his last year of elementary school. I don't know what is harder, watching him walk into that kindergarten room or watching him walk into 5th grade on his last first day of elementary school. Part of me wants to squeeze him and make him stop growing so fast but the more I squeeze the more he tries to wriggle free, just like when he was 3. Only this time it isn't just out of my arms, it's away from me into his own little life. With a role of the eyes and "mom" in only the tone that a preteen can give you he navigates his way through this world taking a piece of my heart with him. I know, we all did it, became independent, we just didn't know what it was doing to our mothers. Good thing or we might all still be living at home. I want him to be free and independent. Strong, sure, successful. I love watching him grow and gaining insight into his world. I will cherish this last year of elementary. I am blessed to have been with him the whole way, working at his school. So this year as I look at the calendar, I won't be counting down the days until summer break. I hope this year is long and sweet. I hope it takes it's time before June roles around. Until then, I will enjoy every last minute of our summer break. September take your time!

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