Thursday, July 9, 2009

So life in kerbyville has been just a leetle busy lately. We have gone from one fun activity to another. This week we were able to spend a little time at home to recover from all the fun we've been having, well that and trying to avoid catching the stomach flu. Yep, it's July and the flu bug is flying around. It managed to weasel it's way into our tiny little cabin in the woods over the 4th. Our family managed to stay bug free although a few others fell victim to a very violent bug. Yuck, bless their hearts! Our week at home has given us some time to stop and create. We spent 2 days on the back deck creating altered books and listening to all kinds of music. I just love summer. We've also been spending some time in the garden. We have lots of raspberries, yellow squash, zucchini, cucumbers, and I spotted my first tomato tonight...yum! The kids have enjoyed helping pick raspberries although I think they eat them faster than they pick. Romo also likes to share in the treats. Here are a few pics of gigi helping pic. I know, I know the hair is wild but hey, it's summer!

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