Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Values in a Valueless World

Ever feel like you are fighting a battle or better yet a war. Lately I have felt like I am fighting the battle of my life and it is for my kid's souls. I know that sounds a bit dramatic and this little post could easily turn into a rant but man, I am tired and we still have a ways to go. I know, I know, I could go on and on about back when we were kids but let's face it we do have a few more things to deal with than our parents did. You know, cell phones, email, IM, texting, internet, video games, etc etc. The list of techy things goes on and on. I am not anti-technology by any means. I'll be the first to admit that I am just a little addicted to facebook, my ipod, and my cell phone. I am just not ready to had that over to my 10 year old. He is not ready to handle it either, but I swear the next time one of his friends, friends me on facebook I am gonna scream. Or better yet when they ask why we don't give him a cell phone I will definitely lose it! Come on people a little discernment here. I mean seriously you are gonna hand you kid a cell phone and say go for it? Do you listen to the news? Have you heard of sexting, pharm parties, and the crazies that prey on our kids? If you haven't you either to old to know what I am talking about or to young to have kids in this age group, so I guess you can relax for a little while. I know not all kids fall into this category and there are some really awesome kids out there. I work with them, my kids have them as friends. It's all that stuff out there that you just pray your kids will never try or even be interested in trying. That is what gives me a tiny panic attack when I think of it. I am trying to teach some good old fashion values in a valueless world. You know, you have to work hard in life to succeed, you need to be responsible for yourself, be reliable, stick to your word, and don't compromise your values. I guess it would be easier to just give in but then what price would we pay in the end. I don't want to find out. So I will put on my armor and continue to fight. Some of you might just be as tired as I am, if so keep it up!


Clover said...

Ack! What's a Pharm party???

scarlett said...

Take your parents prescription drugs, throw them in a bowl, mix, take a handful and party on...CRAZY!!!!!