Friday, May 22, 2009

Creatively Challenged

I don't know that "creatively challenged" is really how my friends would describe me, well at least not the ones that really know me. I think of myself as a pretty creative person. The challenge lately has been time. I long for the day when I can just sit and create. It takes a little time to clear you head of all the everyday clutter and get into that creative mode. I have a fabulous stack of fabric just screaming to be made into two very sweet baby boy quilts. I mean one of the fabrics is blue cute is that! Any hoo, despite my lack of time and organization I can dream of being creative or at least live through others creativity and I have. I have found two very cool blogs that I am starting to enjoy. Material Obsession and Marie Grace Designs. Check them out under my favs. These are the women that actually have the time to sit and create. I will be there soon. One summer project is to clean out my craft closet and take back my craft room that has been overtaken with games, playdoh, sculpty, makers, crayons, and pipe cleaners. At least someone in our house is creating! For now I may not get to sit on my porch and knit or quilt or paint all day, not yet. I am still raising babies although they are no longer babies and are quickly becoming preteens. So I figure a few more years and all that arguing, driving, cleaning, cooking, snuggling, fixing owies, and answering the mysteries of life will be replaced with painting, quilting, and knitting. Doesn't sound so bad putting that off for a while does it. Right now I will stick with the mom thing, I love it way to much. And hey, all my grand kids will get to wear the funky sweaters I make for them.

:) Scarlett

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Clover said...

The countdown is on! I was just thinking this morning about an afternoon at your house with laptop on lawnchair. :)

Cool sites. Part of me wishes I could quilt. Part of me thinks I don't have the patience for it. But I sure love all the colors and patterns!